Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Getting back on track

I'm feeling determined again - it's easy to tell I've fallen off the running wagon recently as I've stopped blogging too but I'm back!

The sun was shining this afternoon and I think the fact that I spent all day yesterday in bed feeling crap has actually given me more energy than usual.  I was just going to take it easy but thought I may as well put the week 5, run 1 podcast on to listen to and see if I felt up to it regardless and it went better than I thought.

I added a new tiny loop on at the beginning of my usual route so by the time I got to my second run, I was back to the place I usually would start run one.  Mentally this felt ace, especially when I got to the final run and realised that was it.

So 3 x 5 minute runs today with 2 x 3minute walks in between, starting and ending with a 5 minute warm up walk (plus a bit extra on the way home as I ended up further than 5 minutes away - or I walked really slow once I heard "stop, that's it" which is actually more likely)

Not bad, I'm pleased with this one.

I'm going to repeat this again on Thursday and then again once at the weekend before moving onto week 5, run two.