Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Camping, Rain and The Gruffalo

Despite the horrendous thunderstorms forecast for the weekend just gone, we still bravely packed the car for camping and set off towards Sherwood Forest for our annual end of term campout.

For anyone else who loves sleeping under canvas I'd highly recommend Sherwood Forest Holiday Park - this was our third visit.  It's a decent size, quiet with a couple of play parks and a river to amuse the children and that's it.  The location is great, ideally placed if you want to visit Sherwood Forest or Sherwood Pines.

It was Sherwood Pines we headed to on Saturday, it was raining but that didn't put us off and we spent 4 hours exploring the forest.   We were meant to be following a guided trail but the markers seemed to disappear so we wandered off the usual path and cut through the trees and onto the rougher paths meant for mountain bikes.   I did do a bit of running but not very much as I'd not packed the proper bra and ouch!

For families with younger children there is a fab Gruffulo trail on at the moment to celebrate the books' 15th Anniversary.  Maybe not so younger children would enjoy this too if my 13yr old son is anything to go by (he'll kill me when he sees I've put his posed photo up on here!!)

Saturday night the thunderstorms hit - I've never seen anything like it!  Luckily we were in a high field and more importantly in a good tent so other than a single leak at one of the roof seams we were okay.  Lower down weren't so fortunate though as the river burst it's bank and rose 6ft meaning lots of caravans were completely flooded.  Half an hour later though, the skies cleared and we were sat back outside the tent in glorious sunshine, beer in hand.

Fab weekend!