Friday, 27 March 2015

I've lost a stone

It's been two months in the losing but it's gone along with 2 inches off my waist :)

I don't look any different but yesterday I was able to put a Tshirt on that my husband bought me a couple of years ago in a size too small and it fit lovely - yay me!

Suddenly I feel my Fat to Fit plan is actually working...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Running with Rocky

Forget all the other playlists you'll find on the web to help you with running.  All you need is a bit of  Bill Conti and in your mind you'll be pounding the streets of Philadelphia alongside Rocky himself.  Even better if you're running on the treadmill and can watch the footage as you go.

You might even want to treat yourself with a bit of shadow boxing as you run too, I guess that depends though on whether you're hidden away inside like me though or out in the open - but even then if you're confident enough not to mind other people wondering what on earth you're doing, go for it!

Or is it just me?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I'm back!

So it's been a (very) long time since I posted on my blog but I'm back and feeling fab!

In fact I've just run for 20 minutes so I'm right back to where I quit in July so I thought I ought to start posting again and keep my momentum going.

I stopped running back when my children broke up for the summer holidays and then once they went back to school, I was so busy with work that I just didn't have the spare energy to motivate myself into running. Lunchtimes became a vague memory and as we headed into winter, the evenings were too dark and cold for me to want to head out by myself.

Christmas came and went and then in the age old tradition of New Years resolutions I told myself I would start running again.  Then to make sure I stuck to this I spent a fortune on a treadmill knowing if I didn't use it, not only would I be letting myself down, but my husband would kill me which is a motivation all by itself!

Running indoors isn't for everyone and even I'm looking forward to those sunny, spring afternoons when you just have to spend some time outdoors but for now this is working for me and I'm loving it :)