Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Five reasons to run outdoors

1.  The Colours

It's great to see the fields change colour as the seasons pass.
Where I've started walk running now, the fields are full of corn and poppies have started growing - the little glimpses of red are really heartwarming (I love poppies!)

2.  Finding Secret paths

Okay to it's probably not really secret as there is a big public footpath sign right at the very top but as I worked my way down this tree tunnel, it was so quiet and I really felt like I was the first one to wander down in ages.   And the little girl in me really thought if there was ever a time to find a fairy then this place would be it!

3.  The views

I found a field full of blue flowers today which really surprised me as I'm used to seeing the yellow and green of corn and rapeseed - the view was wonderful and so unexpected.

4.  Time alone to work out any issues

I was in a really bad mood when I set off on my route this afternoon but an hour away from my desk (and my husband who put me in the bad mood) and I was great again.  I stomped out my warm up walk and then by the time I found my secret path and my lovely field of poppies I felt like I could breathe again.  You can't feel mad at anything when you feel like you're the only person enjoying such wonderful views.

5. The health benefits

I guess that's the main reason for running for most people - myself included - but it's fab when this comes bottom of your list as you know you've really enjoyed your time outdoors that day and you're more likely to keep running in the future.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Running for eight minutes - TWICE!

I made sure I had a good nights sleep last night so I'd feel good and ready to run this morning, I was actually looking forward it which is an amazement in itself.

Like yesterday I went for a long walk again away from home so that when I actually started running I'd be heading back towards the house and this really does work.  I wasn't worried about anything, wasn't thinking about anything other than enjoying my run and enjoy it I did.

That was 2 x 8 minute bursts of run with a 5 minute walk in the middle and it was great.

The feeling of coming home and kicking my trainers off was even greater though :)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Starting again for the Nth time!

To be strictly accurate I have never actually stopped running altogether but instead of the 3 runs a week I promised myself and was sticking to initially, I dropped to only 1 run a week which even I admit is just rubbish.

Checking my run history on runtastic just now shows I did 12 runs in January, 11 runs in February, 15 runs in March, only 9 runs in April and a shameful 4 runs in May :(

Today was good though and I feel positive again.

I have realised that one of my biggest stumbling blocks (other than being unable to run uphill while living in a very hilly area) is that I HATE running away from my house.  So for example if I'm running in a circular route and there is a short cut back to my house, then all I'm thinking about as soon as I set off is whether or not I should take that short cut. Then on the off chance I don't take the short cut, instead of feeling proud of myself I just feel terrible thinking of how far I'm running away from my house (daft I know but I can't help it)

So today rather than just the usual 5minute warm up walk expected on the couch to 5k plan I walked for 15minutes taking me much further away from home so then all my runs could be towards my house and then last run would be on a gentle slope so even less pressure.

And so I did week 5, run 1 which is 3 x  minute bursts with 2 x 3 minute walks in between.
That covered 2.3km in 24minutes which while slow is good for me so I'm happy again.

Now I just have to keep that up again and with a bit of luck, come August when I head off on holiday I'll be taking my trainers with me and running next to the sea which has been one of my dreams for a long time :)