Friday, 27 September 2013

Did not want to go out but surprised myself

I really didn't want to go out today, I am tired and just wanted to sit on the sofa and read my kindle.  It's still a workday though  - all be it a Friday - so that wasn't an option anyway so I gave myself a stern talking to, reminded myself it's only half an hour of the day and put my trainers on.

I didn't run much though, I just did not have the energy but at least I was out and any exercise is better than no exercise.  About a third of the way round I realised I really wasn't enjoying myself so I turned off my music and just walked.

I changed my route slightly and wandered through the local park. I love autumnal colours and with the sun shining it was just lovely, quieter than when I'm (trying to) pound the streets and I just felt like I could breathe again - not that I was actually having trouble breathing but you know what I mean.

So I actually walked a bit further than normal, burnt off more calories than normal and though my pace was slower than usual, in the end I didn't hate it and I was glad I did go out.
This early on in my fat to fit journey I think that is a very big plus!