Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Stepping it up

I've done 19 walk / jog sessions over the past 4 weeks and while I'm not getting any faster I can now run for a bit longer than I was at the start, even if those bursts of running are bracketed by longer lengths of slow crawling while I get my breath back.

I was shaving my legs in the shower last night  - as you do - and realised that my calves are definitely more toned - yay me! So I've decided to try and focus on the rest of my body too.  So after my half hour walk / jog today I picked up my 6kg medicine ball and had a go at some of the exercises my husband showed me - OMG, I managed 3minutes and my arms wanted to fall off.  So I laid myself down and did 5 sets of ten tummy crunches and now I feel like I want to throw up too.

Really hoping this pays off as feeling sick and losing sensation in my arms isn't filling me with confidence right now.

So overall statistics 

19 sessions
34.69 miles covered
10hours 44 minutes out in all weather
3866 calories burnt off

Stepping it up now so hopefully in another 4 weeks I'll be able to post an update saying I'm a bit more toned elsewhere too :)