Thursday, 21 November 2013


One unexpected positive side effect I've been meaning to mention for a while on my blog is the fun of exploring.

I'm learning to run on the same streets I used to run up and down with my friends when I was a child.  I pass by the swings I used to play on and the school I used to go to.  So much has changed though and with new housing estates popping up, new leisure centre and library being built, there are lots of new streets to explore on my thrice weekly runs.

It does help keep each run fresh too, taking just a slightly different turn, even if it means doubling back on myself when I reach the end of an unexpected cul-de-sac that I swear used to have a shirt cut at the bottom, is good fun. I even ended up running uphill yesterday which I definitely wouldn't have planned for if I stuck to the exact same route every day.

So getting to re-know my neighbourhood has been great and something I would definitely recommend to everyone.