Monday, 11 November 2013

You know you've had a busy day when...

  1. The kids are home from school but to you it feels like it's still morning.
  2. You haven't had chance to look at Facebook once all day
  3. You realise your husband is home from work soon and not only have you not cooked any dinner for him and the kids but you're still sat in your running clothes promising yourself you will have that shower after just one more email...
Or in my case today, all of the above!

I don't know where today has gone or why when I still have emails pinging in to my inbox and dinner to cook for my kids before taking one of them to gymnastics I'm sat here typing my blog - guess this is now my me-time :)

My run was okay today, my head wasn't totally in the right place though as I couldn't switch off from work stuff.  Normally I'm fairly good at allowing myself half an hour to just concentrate on running but today my head was still at my desk even though my body wasn't.  

I also think I feel a bit demoralised with myself after not managing to complete my week 3 run 1 last week (once my delivery had actually urned up).  I did the usual 5 minute warm up walk, a 90 second run, a 90 second brisk walk, a 3minute run, a 3 minute brisk walk, a 90 second run, a 90 second walk but then stopped 2 minutes into my final 3 minute run.  So I was only 1 minute off but I still feel like I've let myself down a bit.  I'll give myself a stern talking to once I've finally had my shower, turned off the PC and eaten some dinner and hopefully I'll be back to positive thinking soon!