Friday, 22 November 2013

Am I dead?

I certainly feel like it - no wait a minute I'd probably not be breathing if I were dead and I am puffing like a steam train at the minute.

I thought I'd give week 4 a try and OMG!  It looked terrifying just on paper

5 minute warm up  |  3 minute run  |  1.5 minute walk  |  5 minute run  |  2.5 minute walk  |  3 minute run  |
1.5 minute walk  |  5 minute run  |  5 minute cool down

The reality of my run (with internal monologue to bring it really alive for you) is as follows:

Right, I'm going to do this.
Am I ?
Yes I am, I may as well try and I can always go back to week 3 next week if I don't manage it
Why don't I just do week 3 this week?
Get out of the door and do week 4
Okay, I'm going!
Warm up, fine.
3 minute run - maybe I shouldn't have changed my route to take me up an hill - ah yes but this means I can run down hill for my 5minutes, okay I can do this.
Walking now, hoping the 5minutes run starts soon or I'll run out of downhill.
Running now, downhill was a good idea, this isn't as bad as I thought.  Damn I did run out of downhill, no prob I'll take this shortcut - oh look the sun is shining on me just because I'm running  - actually I don't think I can do this. I want to be sick.
Thank god I can walk again now.  My next 3 minutes are definitely going to be uphill though
Running again well moving my arms  I can't feel my legs anymore to be sure what they're doing but I'm sure it can't be classed as a run.
Walking again and my virtual coach is telling me how to combat stictch - I wish she'd just explain how I'm supposed to breathe properly as this is killing me.  Christ those 90 seconds went fast, back to running.
And I'm supposed to do this for another 5minutes. No chance.  I'll just go to the end of this street and then I'll call it quits.  And I still have to walk home!

So I didn't quite manage it but I'm glad I tried. And points for doing the first 5minutes run okay.  I didn't really think I'd even manage that. I think I'll have to come up with my own midpoint plan something that is a step up from week 3 but not the I'm going to throw up and die effort of week 4.

Happy Weekend!