Thursday, 27 February 2014

This is hard

So since my last amazing blog when I ran for a full 20 minutes I think my mind and body are talking to each other without me knowing and seem to have decided that that's it cracked and I don't need to bother anymore, as I've not been able to sustain anywhere near that long a run since.

I've decided to like myself to a baby starting to walk - you know one day they can all of a sudden walk clear across the front room but the next day you think it had to have been a fluke as they won't try it again?

Well that's me, I'm back to crawling everywhere.

It's such a mental challenge.  You have a bad run and it's so easy to think, that's it, this isn't for me, why do I bother?  It's hard, it hurts, I'm not a runner and I never will be.  I've had so many days when I could just cry at how little I'm progressing.

But then someone very wise told me, you never regret a run, even a bad one. You only regret the days you don't bother running at all.

And that's so true.

It doesn't matter if I'm progressing very slowly as long as I'm still progressing.  It doesn't matter if it takes me 2 years to complete a 9 week programme as long as I get there.  And then again even if I never get there what does that matter actually?  I'm somewhere I never thought I'd be back in September when I started this running malarky and that counts for something, that counts for a lot.

So I'm running week 4 on the podcasts again and I'm just going to stick with them for a while, sort my breathing out, get my actual technique sharpened up and then I'll think about trying the 20minute run again.

And if I have to stick at week 4, then a week 4 runner I am but that's still a runner!