Thursday, 6 March 2014

What have you given up for Lent?

Despite my Catholic schooling I haven't done the Lent things for years.  My children come home each year with a list of things they're giving up - this year my son outshone himself and has decided to give up going to the supermarket with me and eating any food that isn't a pizza .  Kind of missing the point there Sam don't you think?

My daughter is doing a bit better, her class are completing little tasks during Lent to help them count their blessings.  So to support her, this year I'm giving up being half arsed!  For the next 40 days and 40 nights I will stick to my 1,200 calories a day intake and I will run 3 times a week and I won't allow myself to make any excuses not to do this.

You've all heard me now so I can't back out.  Well if you've read all my blog you might have heard me say very similar before but at this point in time I am very determined and it's the now that counts.

So today was week 5 run 2.  2 x 8 minute runs with a 5minute walk in the middle and at either end to warm up and cool down.  I actually went over on my ankle as I crossed the road before I started my first run so I'm surprised I managed this one, I thought I'd given myself the ultimate excuse there as you can't run when your ankle doesn't work can you?  But no, I carried on and it was okay, I surprised myself.  Let's hope I can say the same at the weekend when I'm planning my 20 minute run again!