Friday, 18 October 2013

Have you ever played the classroom game

Unfortunately.... Fortunately...

That's how my usual lunchtime wander went today!

Unfortunately... I woke up with a very stiff back
Fortunately... it was a bit better by lunchtime so I could go out
Unfortunately... the local comp must have been on a sponsored walk or something as the streets were crawling with teenagers
Fortunately... I knew another way I could go
Unfortunately... this took me past the local chipshop which made me feel hungry
Fortunately... I didn't have any money with me
Unfortunately... this made me want to cry
Fortunately... I am good at lying to myself and told myself that fruit salad would be a much better lunch

Unfortunately... that was a lie and after a mile and a half walk / running I really really wish I had a quid for a chip butty

Still it's Friday and I'm having green fish thai curry tonight so I'll treat myself to an extra chapatti for being good at lunchtime :)