Monday, 21 October 2013

Definitely soup weather today

It's not just raining outside, it's worse than that - in fact there is a full river running down the road outside my house so I'm not going out today as while I may not melt, I do think I could very easily be washed away :)

Instead I've done half an hour on the wii fit and burnt 200 calories doing step - heart rate up to 158bpm, so not a total cop out.  Then I've made a very healthy low calorie soup to have for dinner this evening.  2 x carrots, 1 x potato, 1 x butternut squash, pinch of chili, cumin and paprika plus rosemary and bay leaves from my garden (and I did get very very wet just picking those!)

Roll on tea time when the kids are home from school and we can tuck in.