Monday, 16 December 2013

And onto week 5...

Three different runs for this week according to the NHS C25k plan with the last one being a 20minute run which is already giving me nightmares..!!

However I felt like that when I started week 3 and agan in week 4 and I've got both of those cracked now so maybe I'll be okay and if not I've already booked a table at La Tasca for Friday night so I'll just drown my sorrows in sangria and try again the week after.

As I'm now half way through the 9 week programme (though I'm repeating some weeks when I need to) I thought this might be a nice time to remind myself just how far I have come. When I first started out I honestly couldn't run from one lamp post to the other, I can remember by 12yr old son looking at me with disbelief saying "Come on mum it's only like 10metres" and me huffing, puffing and collapsing on to the nearest garden wall.

Now I can run for a full 5 minutes x 3 (as long as the last one is downhill and I have an upbeat tune playing along)   I plan to take him out with my again during the Christmas holidays and let him see the difference, hopefully it'll be a positive look of disbelief next time round :)