Friday, 8 November 2013

Waiting in for a delivery sucks!

So I was meant to start week 3 of the c-2-5k plan today and I was feeling nervous but at the same time looking forward to seeing whether or not I could actually complete it.

I normally run in my lunch hour, though I work from home so that's flexible and I then treat myself to something nice to eat afterwards, as a well done to myself.

All usual plans are out of the window today though as I have to wait in for a delivery and what sucks is that I just know the courier will arrive about 5 minutes after I leave the house to collect my daughter from school so all my wasted waiting time will have been for nothing.  Why is it that always happens? Is it just me who never sees a delivery man face to face but is in first name terms with the guy at the collection depot?   Still it's preferable to pushing my way round the shops full of Christmas shoppers!

I guess I'll be trying running in the dark tonight! Best dig out something reflective...