Monday, 4 November 2013

Mischievous night tonight

The 4th November is known as Mischievous Night -  in Yorkshire at least!

Every so often during the year - generally after we've got through the hilarity that is April Fools day - my two children remember that there is another day when they can pull pranks but funnily enough whenever they ask me about it, I can never remember the exact date.  I would say the memory loss is a clear indicator that I'm getting old but to be honest the real sign that I'm getting old is that I no longer find the pranks funny.

Knock a door run was hilarious when I was 10 but not so much when you actually own the door!  And as my kids idea of a prank is to put salt in my tea or jump out from behind the door wearing a scream mask you can see why I'm not too keen.

Though I could pretend I'm just being a very good parent and trying not to confuse them by allowing them to cause mischief one night and telling them off for the same "joke" the next.  Actually that sounds much better doesn't it so scrap all the stuff about me just being old and boring, it's just good parenting.

Anyway back to the real reason for my blog, I did go for a run today!  The second run of week 2 of couch to 5k.  Jelly legs but I did it all again.  I'm thinking I might have to repeat week 2 at least one extra week though so I feel more comfortable before moving on to week 3.

Am I being boring by not telling my children the date so they can have their own laughs?