Thursday, 19 September 2013

New to this

New to all this - new to blogging and getting fit!

Well not quite new to getting fit, I've attempted to make a start to get fit many, many times.  In fact since Feb of this year I've started the NHS Counch to 5k plan 4 times and stopped each time, I've reached week 3 for various reasons - weather, school holidays - really I just wasn't committed enough but now I am...

I hope!

So I have just over 2 years before I'm 40 and by then I'd like to be fit and 4 stone lighter (maybe even more but 4 stone before 40 sounded nicer to my ears !)

More important than the actual weight loss though I'd like to be fit and with that aim in mind I have started walk/running again today.

I'm not going to follow any plan (to begin with at least) I'm simply going to keep walk/running the same route at least 3 times a week with the aim of getting faster each week.  I'll walk when I want and run when I feel able and hopefully soon the running will be happening more than the walking.

So here's my very humble beginning.