Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How fast..?!!

Let me start by saying my usual routine was out of the window - I was out later than normal which was actually horrid as the traffic was horrendous and then I realized the local comp had just kicked out so I was also surrounded by gobby teenagers - not the nicest environment when you're already aware of your wobbly bits!

So I expected my stats to look much slower than normal but apparently I did 46 miles per hour..!!!

It takes a while for oxygen levels to normal out in my brain and then I realised that when I untucked my phone from my bra to change tunes, that jigglehad obviously tricked the app into thinking I was pounding the pavement at super speed!   (I never really thought I'd gone that fast, I thought maybe I'd broke the app!)

Let's see if I can get my son to believe I went that fast though - it's not often these days I can do anything to impress him :)

Other than that, my stats were okay.  Little bit slower but not as bad as I thought they were going to be considering I felt like I'd done much more walking than jogging today.